Former Barcelona President Spotted in Crowd at Copa del Rey Match, Elicits Reaction from Fans

Introduction to this article:
The article discusses the unexpected appearance of former Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu at a Copa del Rey match against Barbastro.

Bartomeu’s Surprise Appearance

Josep Bartomeu’s appearance at the Estadio Municipal de Deportes de Barbastro during Barcelona’s Copa del Rey match has sparked mixed reactions among the club’s supporters. Despite being blamed for the club’s poor financial state and various controversies during his time as president, Bartomeu was seen in the stands alongside Barcelona fans.

Controversial Legacy

Bartomeu’s infamous resignation in 2020, coupled with his involvement in the European Super League and the Negreira case, has left a lasting negative impact on many Barcelona fans. His support for the failed Super League and subsequent explanation that it would improve the club’s finances were widely rejected by supporters prior to his exit. This has led to strong sentiments against his presence at the recent match.

Social Media Reaction

The reaction on social media to Bartomeu’s attendance at the Copa del Rey match has been particularly intense. Some fans expressed outrage and disbelief at seeing Bartomeu in the stadium, while others went as far as threatening physical harm. The mixed responses highlight the lasting impact of Bartomeu’s controversial tenure as president.

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