The resurgence of hooliganism is transforming European football into a dangerous arena: Why English supporters are facing targeted attacks

Football violence has long been a stain on the reputation of the beautiful game, and recent events across Europe are a stark reminder of the ugliness that can rear its head in the world of sports. From the vicious attack on a referee in Turkey to the banning of fans from top-flight games in Greece, the spread of hooliganism is a growing concern. This article highlights the recent surge in football violence and the impact it is having on the sport not only in Europe, but also in other parts of the world.

Football violence is back in the headlines, this time impacting the beautiful game across Europe. This week alone, Turkey has completely suspended football matches indefinitely after a club president physically attacked a referee on the pitch. Similarly, Greece has banned fans from top-flight football games for two months after violence broke out between rival volleyball supporters, leaving a police officer severely injured. France is also considering banning away supporters after a fan was tragically stabbed to death just ten days ago.

Football’s reputation for street brawling has been tested, with reports of hooliganism aimed at traveling English fans causing authorities to struggle with crowd control. Across the continent, England’s reputation as the instigators of football violence has been tested, and has led to fan restrictions such as empty stadiums and potentially expanded away game bans.

In addition to violence at or near stadiums, there have numerous incidents of English fans being targeted for fights while at bars or other public places while abroad. The return of the “English disease” to Britain has sparked concerns, with a staggering 2,264 football-related arrests reported during the 2022-23 season, the highest in nearly a decade. This comes as the sport seeks to maintain the integrity and reputation as an enjoyable and safe experience for players and fans alike.

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