Sergio Aguero’s surprising Premier League title prediction and cautionary advice: ‘Keep an eye on them’

In a recent interview, Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero shared his thoughts on the current Premier League title race, and he believes that Manchester United, along with Tottenham and Newcastle, pose as significant threats to his former club’s bid for a fourth consecutive title. Despite City’s recent struggles in the league, Aguero remains confident in their chances but acknowledges the potential challenges posed by their rivals. This comes at a time when United, Tottenham, and Newcastle are also facing their own set of challenges, making the title race even more unpredictable. Aguero’s insights shed light on the competitive landscape of the Premier League and set the stage for an exciting battle for the top spot.

Sergio Aguero, the Manchester City legend, believes that Manchester United poses a significant threat to his former club’s Premier League title bid. Aguero also considers Tottenham and Newcastle as potential challenges for Manchester City. Despite City’s recent poor run in the league, Aguero still views his former club as favorites to win their fourth consecutive title, and he does not expect Arsenal or Liverpool to overtake them. Despite Manchester United’s struggles in the league, Aguero believes they are still a force to be reckoned with at this stage of the season. In addition, he sees Tottenham and Newcastle as potential contenders for the title. Despite injuries affecting Newcastle and Tottenham, Aguero believes both teams are still in the running. Despite Manchester United’s early exit from the Champions League, Aguero still sees them as a threat in the Premier League title race.

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