Brandon Aubrey’s Journey from MLS Player to Cowboys Kicker

ESPN Staff Writer Todd Archer provides an in-depth look at Brandon Aubrey’s unprecedented journey from national champion soccer player at Notre Dame to NFL record holder with the Dallas Cowboys. This article highlights the explosive kicking talent of the former MLS player and his incredible transformation into an NFL player, discussing his time training with his college friend and coach Brian Egan, and the influence of former NFL kicker John Carney in Aubrey’s path to the pros. Join Todd Archer as he explores the inspirational rise of Brandon Aubrey.

Brandon Aubrey, former soccer player turned NFL kicker, experienced a life-changing moment when he kicked side by side with middle and high schoolers in 2019. His unexpected journey to an NFL record began when Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback, Dak Prescott, surprised Aubrey and his kicking coach, Brian Egan, with an impromptu competition, which Aubrey ultimately won. From national champion soccer player to a rookie NFL kicking record holder with the Cowboys, the 17th pick in the MLS draft transitioned to the NFL in a series of unexpected steps.

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