Formerly abandoned star secures dream transfer to League One side after playing in Homeless World Cup due to his sexuality

Introduction to the article:
Wycombe, a League One team, has made headlines by signing a non-league striker, Richard Kone, who was made homeless in his home country of Ivory Coast because of his sexual orientation. Kone, who is only the second openly gay player in England’s top four divisions, has overcome tremendous challenges to pursue his passion for football.

Kone’s Journey to Wycombe

Richard Kone found himself living on the streets in his home country of Ivory Coast after being rejected by his parents for being homosexual. Despite the challenges, he managed to represent his country in the Homeless World Cup in Cardiff and eventually joined Athletic Newham, where he excelled as a striker.

Overcoming Discrimination

Although it is not illegal to be gay in Ivory Coast, discrimination against homosexuality is widespread, and there is no legal protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Kone’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by LGBTQ individuals in the world of sports.

Signing for Wycombe

After a lengthy trial period, Wycombe boss Matt Bloomfield managed to secure Richard Kone’s signature. Kone’s signing is a significant step for the club, which aims to develop its own assets and nurture young talent. Despite the challenges Kone has faced, his move to Wycombe has been described as an exciting development for the team.

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