Yob approaches Newcastle goalkeeper Dubravka after running onto the pitch from Chelsea end following dramatic late goal

The atmosphere at Stamford Bridge turned ugly as a shocking incident marred the Carabao Cup quarter-final clash between Chelsea and Newcastle. After Mykhailo Mudryk’s last-minute equalizer, a Chelsea fan ran onto the pitch and confronted Newcastle goalkeeper Martin Dubravka, creating a scene of chaos and aggression. The fan’s behavior sparked outrage and was swiftly dealt with by stadium security, but not before causing widespread shock and concern. The incident highlights the need for greater security measures and respect for players and officials at football matches.

Chelsea fan disrupts Carabao Cup quarter-final by running onto pitch and confronting Newcastle goalkeeper Martin Dubravka after last-minute equaliser from Mykhailo Mudryk. The supporter was swiftly removed from the pitch as wild scenes erupted at Stamford Bridge. The game ended in a penalty shootout, but not before another flashpoint as Mudryk furiously grabbed a Newcastle midfielder by the throat. Stay up to date with the latest football news, real-life stories, and must-see videos from The Sun.

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