Manager shocked as entire Premier League squad fails to win a single FA Cup game

Introduction to the article:
Unai Emery, the manager of Aston Villa, recently discovered that none of his current squad have won an FA Cup tie for the club. He expressed his disappointment at this and discussed the importance of winning the trophy for the club’s prestige and for the players’ careers.

Emery’s Disappointment

Upon realizing that none of his players have won an FA Cup tie for the Villans, Emery was stunned and expressed his concern about the lack of success in the competition. He emphasized the need for the club to be more demanding and to strive for success in the FA Cup.

Emery’s Roll Call

In an effort to understand his players’ experiences with cup competitions, Emery conducted a roll call asking them about their successes in other countries and competitions. This exercise aimed to make players aware of the prestige that winning the FA Cup brings and to share his own experiences with them.

Villa’s Cup Game

Emery acknowledged that Villa will need to raise their game considerably to win the FA Cup this season. He referred to midfielder John McGinn’s unsuccessful record in the competition and emphasized the importance of motivation for the upcoming match against Middlesbrough.

Historical Perspective

One interesting stat that Emery noted is that the last time Villa played Boro in the FA Cup was the last time they won it, which was 67 years ago. This piece of history highlights the club’s longstanding lack of success in the competition.

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