Arsenal could be in trouble with FA for excessive celebrations against Liverpool, but Mikel Arteta likely won’t be penalized

Introduction to the article:
This article discusses Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta’s goal celebrations during a match against Liverpool and the potential consequences for his actions. It also addresses the multiple yellow cards received by Arsenal players during the game and the resulting fine.

Arteta’s Goal Celebrations

Arteta’s passionate goal celebrations in reaction to a late clincher by Leandro Trossard have caused a stir, particularly among TV Liverpool fans. While his actions may have appeared to open him up to potential punishment, FA rules leave the policing of touchline behavior to match officials, and no mention of Arteta’s behavior was made by the referees. As a result, it is unlikely that Arteta will face any disciplinary action.

Yellow Cards and Fine

Despite Arteta avoiding punishment, Arsenal will still face consequences for the game. The team received six yellow cards during the match, resulting in a “standard” £25,000 fine. Players Ben White, Gabriel, Jakob Kiwior, William Saliba, Declan Rice, and Kai Havertz all received cautions, leading to the monetary penalty for the club. As this is a developing story, further updates may be forthcoming.

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