Argentina’s former star Lavezzi hospitalized with shoulder fracture

The former Argentina soccer player, Ezequiel Lavezzi, found himself in the hospital after a party at his mansion in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The 38-year-old was discovered with a shoulder blade fracture, and it remains unclear how the injury occurred. This incident has sparked curiosity and concern among fans and the public.

Former Argentine footballer Ezequiel Lavezzi hospitalized with shoulder blade fracture after party at his mansion
Ezequiel Lavezzi, a former Argentine footballer, was found injured and hospitalized in Punta del Este, Uruguay, after attending a party at his mansion. The 38-year-old was found with a shoulder blade fracture and was taken to the hospital with his girlfriend, Natalia Borges. The cause of the injury is still unknown, and police are investigating the incident. Lavezzi retired from football in 2019 and has since been involved in charity work with his brother.

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