Fiancée Sasha Attwood and family left ‘shaken’ after break-in during their first visit to Jack Grealish’s mansion

Family left shaken after break-in at Jack Grealish’s mansion

The Shocking Break-in

Jack Grealish, the Manchester City ace, was in action against Everton while his £5.6 million mansion was being raided by burglars. Grealish’s fiancée, Sasha Attwood, and other family members were inside the 24-acre Cheshire home during the incident. The group was left feeling shaken after the break-in, which took place during their first visit to the mansion.

Panic and Chaos

The burglars targeted the luxurious property, taking off with valuable watches and jewelry worth around £1million. With the family gathered downstairs to watch Grealish play, the burglars executed their raid without anyone hearing anything at first. The panic alarm was only triggered when the dogs started barking and the family could hear people creeping around.

Investigation and Support

Cheshire Police responded promptly to the security panic alarm, deploying multiple police cars and a helicopter in response to the emergency. Despite their thorough security measures, the burglars managed to slip in and escape with their loot. Cheshire Police confirmed that an investigation is underway and urged anyone with information to come forward to help with their enquiries.

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