Atletico Madrid President Enrique Cerezo to announce renewal of key player in the coming days

Atletico Madrid Close to Renewing Captain Koke’s Contract

Atletico Madrid is on the verge of renewing the contract of their captain, Koke Resurreccion. With just six months left on his current deal, the club is working to secure his future. While Koke has expressed his desire to stay, other teams will be able to negotiate with him starting next week. President Enrique Cerezo has reassured fans that Koke’s renewal is almost complete, despite the delays. Additionally, there is uncertainty surrounding Antoine Griezmann’s contract, as the Frenchman believes he deserves a new deal.

Renewal Close

Atletico Madrid’s captain Koke Resurreccion is close to signing a contract renewal with the club. With just six months left on his current deal, the team is making it a priority to secure his future. President Enrique Cerezo has acknowledged the progress in negotiations and hinted that an announcement will be made soon.

Uncertainty Over Griezmann

While the focus is on Koke’s renewal, uncertainty looms over Antoine Griezmann’s contract. The French player believes he deserves a new deal, but Atletico Madrid is in no rush to offer it. President Enrique Cerezo has remained non-committal when asked about Griezmann’s future, leaving fans wondering about his fate at the club.

Simeone’s Plans

Atletico manager Diego Simeone is looking to bring in a central midfielder to alternate with Koke, who is entering his 30s. Simeone is aware of Koke’s legendary status at the club, having played the most games in an Atletico Madrid shirt and lifted two titles over the past decade. As Koke nears the end of his career, Simeone is planning for the future by finding a suitable replacement.

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