Barcelona facing obstacles in finalizing new signing Vitor Roque due to salary limit calculation error

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Barcelona’s struggles in registering new forward Vitor Roque, who was set to make his first call-up against Las Palmas but may have his debut delayed due to issues with his registration. The club’s transfer fee for Roque does not meet the amount required to register him, causing ongoing conversations between Barcelona and La Liga.

Delays in Vitor Roque’s Debut

Barcelona’s new forward, Vitor Roque, was expected to make his first appearance against Las Palmas, but with his presentation delayed until next week, it is uncertain when he will have his debut. The delay in his registration has caused concerns among fans and the club as they struggle to resolve the issue.

Financial Issues and Registration

The transfer fee for Vitor Roque does not meet the amount required to register him, despite the club’s confidence that the coaching staff will be able to have him available for Las Palmas. The ongoing conversations between Barcelona and La Liga are centered on resolving this financial issue to ensure Roque’s availability for future games.

Historical Issues with Registrations

Barcelona’s commitment to the Roque signing without prior confirmation from La Liga and the history of late registrations for other players raise questions about the club’s decision-making process. The article highlights previous instances where players were registered late, citing concerns about a pattern of miscalculations on the club’s part.

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