Aston Villa tops Premier League table as Chelsea falls six points behind without VAR

Introduction to the article:
The impact of VAR on the Premier League title race has been analyzed in a SunSport study, revealing that Aston Villa’s challenge for the top spot would have been even more significant without the controversial technology. The study shows a “No VAR” table indicating how the standings would look if every changed decision had remained as called on the field by the referee and his assistants.

Aston Villa’s Title Charge

Aston Villa, currently second in the Premier League table, has been found to have benefited from three VAR changes in their favor and been negatively impacted by four, costing them crucial points.

Impact of VAR on Standings

The “No VAR” table reveals that Villa would be on 46 points if two controversial decisions in their favor had stood, placing them ahead of Liverpool by a single point.

Other Teams’ Position

The study also shows that Arsenal and Spurs would have more points without VAR, while Manchester City would move higher in the table with a game in hand. Chelsea, on the other hand, would have been significantly worse off without VAR.

VAR’s Impact on Relegation Battle

The study also highlights the impact of VAR on the relegation battle, showing Luton and Burnley would have been in a better position without VAR, and Everton would be lower in the standings due to financial fair play breaches.

VAR Changes by Team

The analysis also reveals the number of VAR changes for different teams, with Nottingham Forest being the biggest beneficiaries in terms of decisions.

Goal Swings without VAR

The article discusses the goal swings that would have occurred without VAR intervention, with some teams gaining and others losing points due to controversial decisions.

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