Manchester United’s Paul Scholes criticizes Erik ten Hag’s tactics during Wigan win, while Gary Neville expresses concern

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the criticism by former Manchester United player Paul Scholes of the team’s short corner strategy during their recent match against Wigan. The team’s victory in the FA Cup tie is overshadowed by Scholes’ blunt assessment of the short corner routines, sparking discussion and debate among fans and fellow football personalities.

Scholes’ Displeasure with Short Corners

Paul Scholes expressed his disapproval of Manchester United’s short corner tactics, taking to social media to call them “sh**”. His critique sparked a debate among fans and fellow football personalities, with many agreeing that the team should do away with this strategy.

Fans’ Reactions

Many fans expressed their frustration with the short corners on social media, echoing Scholes’ sentiments. They called for a change in corner taking responsibilities and for the team to abandon the use of short corners altogether.

Gary Neville’s Input

Fellow Manchester United legend Gary Neville also weighed in on the issue, admitting that seeing the ball being played short from corners gave him a “sinking feeling”. He shared his thoughts on the team’s corner strategies in relation to the opposing team’s defensive setup.

Erik ten Hag’s Response

Manchester United’s manager, Erik ten Hag, had a more positive outlook on the team’s performance in the match. He acknowledged that the team should have scored more goals but emphasized the importance of staying focused and getting the job done in knockout matches like the FA Cup tie.

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