Barcelona raises bid for young midfielder, but still trails behind Eintracht Frankfurt in offer amount

Introduction to this article:
The article discusses the race among various clubs to sign 17-year-old Swedish midfielder Lucas Bergvall. Barcelona has made a bid for him, but faces competition from other clubs. The article outlines the current state of negotiations and the factors that may influence the outcome of the deal.

Barcelona’s Bid for Bergvall

Barcelona initially seemed to be the preferred choice for Bergvall, with an agreement reached with his agent. However, the high price tag set by Djurgardens caused Barcelona to reconsider their offer. Despite increasing their bid, Barcelona still trails behind Eintracht Frankfurt, who have offered a higher sum for Bergvall.

Competition and Risks

Other clubs such as Udinese, Manchester United, and Juventus are also in discussions with Djurgardens for Bergvall. Barcelona, having previously missed out on other young talents, is keen not to miss out on this opportunity. The potential of the deal falling through due to financial constraints and the long road to success for young footballers are highlighted as risks for Barcelona.

Barcelona’s Midfield Strategy

The article questions Barcelona’s strategy in pursuing Bergvall, given the club’s already well-stocked midfield and track record of producing players for that position. The potential role of Bergvall as a future replacement for Sergio Busquets is suggested as a possible motivation for Barcelona’s interest in the young midfielder.

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