44 years ago, I scored in Fulham’s last victory at Chelsea – only to be booed by Blues fans when I joined the team!

Introduction to the Article
This article features Gordon Davies, the last Fulham player to score in a victory at Chelsea. He reflects on his memories of the match and his experiences playing for both Fulham and Chelsea.

Memories of the Match

Davies recalls the 1979 win at Stamford Bridge, describing the nature of the game and the significance of the victory. Despite the statistic being over 44 years old, he discusses the impact it continues to have on his legacy.

The Game’s Significance

The match is described as a turning point for Fulham, who were struggling at the time. Davies mentions that the win boosted the team’s confidence and carries the memory with pride.

Reflection on Rivalry

Davies discusses the rivalry between Fulham and Chelsea, expressing his thoughts on the cultural differences between the clubs and their supporters.

Playing for Both Clubs

Reflecting on his transition from Fulham to Chelsea, Davies shares his experiences and memories of playing for both clubs. He also acknowledges the support he received from the Blues fans.

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