Atletico Madrid to regain two players for upcoming derby against Real Madrid

Introduction to the Article

Atletico Madrid faced a tough loss against city rivals Real Madrid, with accusations of lacking energy and fitness. However, manager Diego Simeone denies this and looks forward to having more resources for the upcoming match. The article discusses the speculation around the team’s defence and the return of injured players, including the potential impact of Pablo Barrios.

Atletico Madrid’s Defensive Concerns

The article outlines the concerns surrounding Atletico Madrid’s defence ahead of their upcoming match. With doubts about the fitness of key players and criticism of recent performances, manager Diego Simeone faces a challenge in solidifying the team’s defensive lineup. The speculation on who will return to the backline adds an element of uncertainty to the team’s preparations.

Return of Memphis Depay and Pablo Barrios

The return of injured players, including Pablo Barrios and Memphis Depay, presents a potential boost for Atletico Madrid. The article discusses the training sessions of these players and their fitness levels ahead of the upcoming match. The impact of their return on the team’s overall performance, particularly against a strong opponent like Real Madrid, is highlighted as a crucial factor to consider.

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