Mikel Arteta hastily exits post-match interview following Arsenal’s victory over Brighton, leaving reporter in laughter

The fiery temperament of Mikel Arteta has once again landed him in hot water, as he was booked for the fourth time this season during Arsenal’s recent clash with Brighton. After the match, the Arsenal boss offered a cheeky explanation for his latest yellow card before abruptly ending his post-match interview. This incident adds to Arteta’s growing reputation for touchline antics and post-match criticism of officials. Despite the controversy, Arsenal secured a 2-0 win, leaving fans divided in their reactions to their manager’s behavior.

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta made a quick exit from his post-match interview after jokingly explaining his latest yellow card. The Spaniard was booked for the fourth time this season after a foul on Bukayo Saka, and he was in mischievous mood after the game. Arteta performed a frenzied wave to the referee, feeling that a player should be cautioned, resulting in his own booking. Despite having been banished to the stands for the previous game, Arteta seemed calmer after the 2-0 win and offered a mischievous response when asked about his yellow card. He denied wildly gesturing at the referee, joking that he was actually waving at Gabriel Martinelli. With a quick “See you,” Arteta bolted out of the interview room, leaving the reporter and fans amused. The Gunners went in front with Gabriel Jesus’ 53rd minute effort, and Kai Havertz secured the points with a second goal in the 87th minute.

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