Manchester United in search of food safety officer after serving 30 guests undercooked chicken

Introduction to the article
Manchester United is in search of a food safety officer after a recent incident in which 30 guests were served raw chicken at Old Trafford. This comes following a downgrade of the club’s food hygiene rating, raising concerns about the safety and quality of the culinary offerings at the stadium.

Serving Raw Chicken

The dangerous food was served after 300 pieces of chicken were cooked for the event, but only three trays were thoroughly checked to ensure they were cooked properly. This meant that 17 trays containing around 255 pieces of chicken were not checked and the temperature was not recorded before they were served, leading to a potential health hazard for the guests.

Search for a Food Safety Officer

In response to the incident, Manchester United is now looking to hire a food safety officer on a 12-month contract. The club aims to elevate its standards and exceed expectations in its food and beverage operations, particularly during high-profile conference events and match day activities.

Club’s Statement

The club has acknowledged the downgrade in their food hygiene rating and is committed to regaining its 5-star status as quickly as possible. To achieve this, Manchester United is conducting an independent food audit to identify opportunities for improvement in their food and beverage operations.

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