Real Madrid equalizes with controversial Vinicius goal

The article discusses a controversial moment in a soccer match between Real Madrid and Almeria, where VAR rulings played a significant role in the outcome of the game. Real Madrid managed to level the score, with a goal from Vinicius that sparked debate over its legality due to a potential handball. Despite this, the team seems to have gained momentum and may be on their way to turning the game around. The article also includes a clip of the controversial goal for readers to see for themselves.

Controversy Over VAR Rulings

The match between Real Madrid and Almeria saw VAR rulings come into play, with a goal from Almeria being ruled out for a light foul on Jude Bellingham. However, VAR did not intervene when Vinicius scored an equalizer, prompting debate over the legality of the goal.

Momentum Shift for Real Madrid

Despite the controversy surrounding Vinicius’ goal, Real Madrid managed to level the score and seemed to have gained momentum in the game. The article suggests that the team may have a good chance of turning the 2-0 half time deficit around and potentially winning the match.

Clip of Vinicius’s Controversial Goal

The article includes a clip of Vinicius’s equalizer for readers to watch and judge for themselves whether it was a legal goal or not. The clip is embedded within the article for easy access.

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