Discussions to proceed regarding Karim Benzema’s departure from Saudi Arabia – Fabrizio Romano

Introduction to this article:

The article discusses the current situation of former Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema, who has been experiencing difficulties since making the move to Saudi Arabia. It delves into the tensions between Benzema and his current club, Al-Ittihad, as well as the potential for his return to European football.

Benzema’s Struggles in Saudi Arabia

Karim Benzema’s transition to Saudi Arabian football has not been smooth, with reports of tension between the player and his current club, Al-Ittihad. His failure to show up for preseason training has further strained the relationship, leading to talks about a potential exit from Saudi Arabia.

Potential Return to European Football

As Benzema’s future in Saudi Arabia remains uncertain, rumors have emerged linking the player to a return to European football. Clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Olympique Lyonnais have been mentioned as potential destinations for the 36-year-old forward. Talks are ongoing to determine whether Benzema will continue in Saudi Arabia or make a return to European football.

Financial Implications and Club Dynamics

The article also touches on the financial implications and club dynamics related to Benzema’s potential exit from Al-Ittihad. It is questioned whether the club would be willing to pay a portion of his salary should he go on loan, with the possibility that his high wages could keep him in the Middle East. Additionally, the departure of Benzema could have implications for Al-Ittihad and the message it sends to the football world.

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