I was surprised by Gareth Bale’s pre-match meal at Tottenham and had a rough experience trying it.

Introduction to the article:

This article discusses a revelation made by former Tottenham player Jermaine Jenas about his former teammate Gareth Bale’s unusual choice of pre-match meal. Jenas also shares his own struggles with finding the right meal before a game and how he attempted to emulate Bale’s meal with unfortunate results.

Jenas’ Struggle with Pre-match Meals

Jermaine Jenas shares that he always struggled to find the right meal to eat before a game. He reveals that he typically opted for a big bowl of cereal and plenty of Lucozade for evening games, while pasta and chicken were easier for night games.

Gareth Bale’s Memorable Meal

Jenas recalls Gareth Bale’s unconventional pre-match meal, consisting of five slices of toast and a mountain of baked beans. Jenas attempted to try this meal once, but it did not go well for him.

Viewers’ Reactions

The article also includes viewers’ reactions to the discussion about Bale and Jenas’ pre-match meals. Some viewers found the conversation about food rather than football to be surprising and unexpected, while others were amused by the revelation about Bale’s preferred meal.

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