La Federación Española de Fútbol abrirá una investigación sobre la filtración de las comunicaciones de VAR con un sospechoso en mente

The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is launching an investigation after audio from a VAR decision that was not released became publicly available. This has raised concerns about the integrity of the competition and the pressure being applied to the referees. The source of the leaked audio is under scrutiny, and the RFEF aims to determine how it made its way to the public.

The leaked audio

The decision not to sanction Vinicius Junior for striking Alejandro Pozo in the face has caused confusion, but the real issue is how the audio from the VAR decision became public. This breach raises questions about the security and confidentiality of VAR procedures.


Cadena Cope reports that the clubs, media supplier Mediapro, video operators, Hawkeye operators (responsible for VAR), and members of the Referees Committee are all not under suspicion. Instead, a former employee who had access to the platform where the audios are stored is currently the most likely suspect. The investigation aims to determine who leaked the audio and how it was made public.

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