Three teams negotiating with Karim Benzema’s representatives for him to leave Saudi Arabia

Introduction to this article:
The article discusses the uncertainty surrounding Karim Benzema’s potential return to Europe from Saudi Arabia, with various clubs expressing interest in signing the former Real Madrid forward.

Karim Benzema’s Meeting with Olympique Lyon

Olympique Lyon have been engaged in discussions with Benzema’s camp, but the financial aspects of a potential deal are proving to be challenging. Benzema has expressed his desire to return to Europe for the remainder of the season.

Concerns over Finances

Contrary to initial beliefs that finances were the main obstacle, it is reported that Benzema understands that his earnings in Europe will pale in comparison to what he is currently earning at Al-Ittihad. This has complicated the negotiations.

Interest from Arsenal and Manchester United

Arsenal and Manchester United have also shown interest in signing Benzema, but there are doubts about the feasibility of reaching an agreement with the player’s camp and his current club.

Uncertainty Surrounding Benzema’s Future

Benzema’s sudden move to Saudi Arabia has left many puzzled, and his eventual destination within the next week remains unclear, causing uncertainty among all parties involved in the negotiations.

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