England and Arsenal Player Declan Rice’s Cousin Receives Surprise Call-up to Aston Villa Bench for FA Cup Match against Chelsea

Introduction to the Article:
Aston Villa has surprised many by calling up an ex-Blues player, Finley Munroe, as a substitute for the FA Cup match against Chelsea. Munroe, who is known for being Declan Rice’s cousin, was once at Chelsea as a kid but was released at the age of 16. This unexpected call-up has brought attention to the young left-back, who has had a promising start to his career.

Finley Munroe’s Surprise Call-Up

The decision to name Finley Munroe as one of Aston Villa’s substitutes for their fourth-round tie against Chelsea has raised eyebrows. Not only is Munroe a relative of England midfielder Declan Rice, but he was also previously associated with Chelsea as a youth player. This surprising turn of events has put the spotlight on the 18-year-old left-back, who is looking to make an impact in the world of professional football.

Ashley Cole’s Influence

It has been revealed that former Chelsea and Arsenal left-back, Ashley Cole, had urged Chelsea to keep Finley Munroe in their ranks when he was younger. Despite Cole’s recommendation, Chelsea ultimately decided to release Munroe at the age of 16. This connection to a footballing legend has added another layer of intrigue to Munroe’s journey as he seeks to establish himself in the world of football.

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