Three Reasons Why Casemiro Must Start for Man Utd and How the Brazilian Can Thrive Under Ten Hag’s New Team Setup

The return to fitness of CASEMIRO for Manchester United has provided a glimmer of hope for the team’s performance in the Premier League. After struggling with consistency since a hamstring injury in November, 31-year-old Brazilian midfielder Casemiro is back and could significantly change the dynamics of Manchester United’s performance. The article delves into the potential impact Casemiro’s return could have on shaping the team’s future prospects.

Boosting Top Four Hopes
Erik ten Hag has the Brazilian back fit and in his squad. This marks a significant improvement for Manchester United, whose prior struggles included key defeats against teams such as West Ham and Nottingham Forest. The return of Casemiro could be crucial for helping the team secure a spot in the top four and qualifying for the Champions League next season.

Building from the Back
As United has demonstrated a lack of consistency in breaking pressure and playing out from the back, Casemiro’s return could alleviate some of these struggles. His ability to play deep and provide a link between the defense and attacking players will be crucial in improving United’s overall play.

Pressing and Defending High
Known for his game intelligence and positional understanding, Casemiro’s return means that United will have a highly capable player in pressing high and creating goalscoring opportunities. With increased support and mobility around him, the Brazilian midfielder could be a game-changer for the team’s attacking strategy.

Reading of the Game
Casemiro’s ability to read the game effectively will be essential in maintaining a well-structured and organized United side on the defensive end. His presence in the midfield, coupled with the support players now available, will significantly bolster the team’s effectiveness in defending against opposition attacks.

Overall, Casemiro’s return represents a significant turning point for Manchester United. With the potential to strengthen the midfield, organize the team, and support pressing and defending high, the impact of his return on the team’s performance is poised to be substantial. Despite earlier struggles, Casemiro’s eligibility for the rest of the season brings a renewed sense of hope for United’s future prospects.

Ahmed Asmar

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