Tension and Board Meeting Mark the Final Hour Before Xavi Hernandez’s Barcelona Departure Announcement

Introduction to the Article:
The article discusses the surprising departure of Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez and the events leading up to his announcement.

Xavi’s Decision

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez announced his departure to the surprise of many, although it was not unexpected to those close to him. Reports suggest that he had been considering this decision before Christmas, and it solidified after their Supercup defeat to Real Madrid. Despite the tension, he had intended to make the decision public after their match with Granada.

Tense Board Meeting

Following a 5-3 defeat to Villarreal, Barcelona’s board held a tense meeting to discuss Xavi’s future. Initially, it was decided that Xavi would stay in the post for the time being. However, Xavi was aware of this decision and requested a meeting with Laporta and other key figures. In an emotional meeting, Xavi explained his intentions and received acceptance to finish the season.

Isolation and Support

Part of the reason for Xavi’s decision to leave was the feeling of isolation and lack of support from the club. The departure of key allies over the summer also played a role. Additionally, the signing of Oriol Romeu, a choice made by Xavi, did not result in the support he had hoped for.

The Search for Xavi’s Successor

With Xavi’s departure, the hunt for his successor begins. Deco and Laporta face a crucial decision that will define their mandate. While Xavi had proven to be a good decision overall, this season has been overwhelming for the Blaugrana coach. The choice of his successor will have a significant impact on the future of Barcelona.

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