Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona Manager, Open to Returning to the Job in the Future

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Xavi Hernandez’s resignation as the Barcelona manager and his openness to the possibility of returning to the club in the future if needed.

Xavi Open to Managing at Camp Nou

In an unexpected turn of events, Xavi Hernandez has expressed his willingness to potentially manage at Camp Nou again in the future. Despite his recent resignation, he has left the door open for a possible return, stating that the club will have him for whatever they need.

Pressure and Valuation

Xavi revealed that one of the reasons for his departure was the suffocating pressure and the feeling that his work was not valued. He emphasized the difficulty of enjoying the position under such intense circumstances, but made it clear that he felt valued by the board internally.

Support from President Laporta

Despite expressing his frustrations with the suffocating environment and the lack of valuation for his work, Xavi was quick to praise President Joan Laporta. He stated that Laporta was a good president for the club and that he had felt the support from him internally. This suggests that his decision to leave was not due to any lack of support from the club’s leadership.

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