Newcastle assistant Jason Tindall’s denied handshake by Emery noticed by observant fans

Introduction to this article:

The article discusses an apparent snub by Unai Emery towards Jason Tindall, the assistant coach of Newcastle, after their 3-1 win against Aston Villa. Emery’s behavior towards Tindall, as well as the reactions of fans and Emery’s comments after the match, are detailed in the article.

Emery Snubs Tindall

After the final whistle was blown at Villa Park, Unai Emery shook hands with Newcastle’s manager Eddie Howe, but immediately turned around without acknowledging Tindall, who was trailing behind Howe. This incident has sparked various reactions from fans and observers, some of whom interpreted it as an intentional snub.

Reactions of Fans and Observers

Following the snub, fans and observers took to social media to comment on the incident. Some interpreted the behavior as a sign of Emery acknowledging Tindall’s tactical superiority, while others saw it as disrespectful. The article highlights a range of reactions and comments from different perspectives.

Emery’s Post-Match Comments

Unai Emery, after his side’s 3-1 defeat, expressed his frustration at the match and emphasized the need for improvement. His comments shed light on his perspective and the team’s performance, offering insight into Emery’s state of mind following the game.

Tindall’s Behavior and Reputation

Aside from the snub, the article also touches on Jason Tindall’s reputation among fans and his recent comments. The assistant coach’s interactions with fans, as well as his on-field behavior and demeanor, are discussed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the coach’s standing among supporters.

This article provides a detailed account of an incident involving Unai Emery and Jason Tindall, shedding light on fans’ reactions, Emery’s comments, and Tindall’s reputation. The incident demonstrates the dynamics and tensions that can arise in the world of football, providing insight into the relationships between coaches and the reactions of fans.

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