Sharp-eyed fans notice Darwin Nunez’s near miss of Astrid Wett with shot during Liverpool vs Chelsea game

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the near miss experienced by Chelsea fan and OnlyFans star Astrid Wett at Anfield, when a strike from Darwin Nunez almost hit her during the clash between Liverpool and Chelsea.

Astrid’s Narrow Escape

Astrid almost came away with a mark as Nunez fired a powerful shot that clipped the woodwork, for the tenth time this season. The slight deflection sent the ball cannoning toward the model, who managed to take evasive action and avoid being hit.

Social Media Reaction

Fans spotted the moment as it went viral on social media and made jokes about the near miss, with comments about Nunez aiming for Astrid and the potential for a game-changing “greatest strike ever.”

Astrid’s Experience at Anfield

The article also highlights Astrid’s experience at Anfield, where she was seen joining in with the traveling support singing songs and showing off her view of the pitch before expressing her excitement and nervousness due to the cold weather.

Astrid’s Relationship with Chelsea

Astrid’s involvement with Chelsea is also discussed, including her claim that the club had a “backroom meeting” about her, as well as her interactions with manager Mauricio Pochettino and star player Cole Palmer. Additionally, the article mentions the backlash she faced from fans for wearing a half-and-half football shirt with both Chelsea and Manchester City colors.

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