Pundit suggests Lionel Messi as the ideal successor to Xavi Hernandez as Barcelona manager

Introduction to this article:
Speculation has been swirling around as to who will succeed Xavi Hernandez as the head coach of Barcelona, with several names being linked to the position. Among the candidates discussed is an unexpected but intriguing choice: Lionel Messi as the next manager of the club.

The Speculated Successors

Several names have been thrown into the mix as potential replacements for Xavi, including Hansi Flick, Imanol Alguacil, and Thiago Motta. Despite the speculation, Barcelona has indicated that they will take their time in making a decision, suggesting that there may not be immediate movement in filling the managerial position.

The Suggestion of Lionel Messi

One pundit, Danny Murphy, has made a surprising suggestion that Lionel Messi should return to Barcelona as their next manager. Murphy believes that Messi’s legendary status and ability to turn everything he touches into gold make him an ideal candidate for the role. While it’s highly unlikely that Messi will take on this role in the near future, the idea of him eventually transitioning into management and potentially returning to manage Barcelona remains intriguing.

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