Brentford Striker Ivan Toney Considered as Potential Arsenal Player, but Gunners Assert They Can Win Title Even Without Him

In recent discussions surrounding Brentford striker Ivan Toney, who has been linked to a possible move to Arsenal, experts have suggested that he would seamlessly fit into the Premier League title contenders’ squad. However, the Gunners have also received assurance that they possess the potential to secure their first top-flight championship since 2004, even without acquiring Toney’s services.

Toney, currently serving an eight-month ban for breaching the Football Association’s betting rules, is expected to return in mid-January. Despite the speculation of a winter transfer, sources reveal that Brentford is reluctant to sell the player and has set an asking price of £80 million. Both Arsenal and their London rivals Chelsea have shown interest in Toney’s situation.

Should Toney sign with Arsenal, it could prove advantageous for him, as some sources express his approval of the striker joining the Emirates. Oladipo highlights Toney’s ability to drop into the hole, his intelligence on the field, and his suitability for Arsenal’s style of play, stating that he “seems like an Arsenal player.”

Undoubtedly, Toney’s 20 Premier League goals for Brentford last season would enhance Arsenal’s attacking prowess. However, Rory Jennings argues that Mikel Arteta’s side already possesses enough quality to contend for the title, considering their near miss last season. Jennings confidently asserts, “I believe that Arsenal are going to win the league,” emphasizing that Arsenal’s playing style and setup do not rely solely on one prominent goal scorer like Toney.

Darragh MacAnthony, while acknowledging Toney’s brilliance and potential goal-scoring capabilities, predicts that the striker could guarantee the title for either Chelsea or Arsenal within the next two years. Despite this, the Gunners’ strong start to the season, currently sitting second in the league behind North London rivals Tottenham, winning seven of their first ten games and remaining unbeaten, instills further confidence in their ability to challenge for the championship.

Although Toney could be the catalyst to guide Arsenal to success by the end of the season, the likelihood of a move remains uncertain. Arsenal’s management and fans eagerly anticipate seeing how the season unfolds, whether Toney becomes a part of their squad or not.

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