Kurt Hamrin, the World Cup legend who faced off against Pele and still holds the Serie A goalscoring record, has passed away

Introduction to the article:
The article is about the passing of Swedish football legend Kurt Hamrin at the age of 89. It includes statements from his former club Fiorentina and Juventus, as well as details about his career and achievements.

Fiorentina’s Statement

Fiorentina announced the passing of Kurt Hamrin, expressing their condolences and emphasizing his legendary status.

Juventus’ Statement

Juventus also issued a statement acknowledging the passing of Hamrin and highlighting the impact he had during his time with the club.

Career and Legacy

The article details Hamrin’s career, including his time with various Italian clubs and his achievements in Serie A. It also mentions his appearances for the Swedish national team and his role in the 1958 World Cup final.

Developing Story

The article concludes with a note that this is a developing story and encourages readers to visit The Sun’s social media accounts for more updates.

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