Angry Fans Boo David Beckham and Demand Refund After Lionel Messi Fails to Appear

Introduction to this article:
David Beckham was met with boos from 40,000 furious fans in Hong Kong who were demanding a refund after Lionel Messi remained seated on the bench during Inter Miami’s friendly win. Fans had paid up to £360 for tickets and expressed their anger at not being able to see the Argentine icon in action.

Fans Demand Refund

The 40,000 tickets for the match were sold within an hour, with local fans angered by the fact that Lionel Messi did not play. Some had spent hundreds of pounds on tickets and were frustrated at not being able to see the footballing superstar.

Beckham’s Response

Despite the dissatisfaction from fans, David Beckham expressed gratitude for the incredible welcome received in Hong Kong. He emphasized the inspiration that great players can provide to young children and expressed hope for a future opportunity to entertain the fans in Hong Kong.

Disappointed Fans

After spending large sums of money on tickets, fans expressed their disappointment at not being able to see Lionel Messi in action. Some had traveled long distances, while others felt that they had missed a rare opportunity to witness the football legend. The decision not to play Messi led to frustration and anger among many supporters.

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