Leaked Instagram DM reveals Mykhailo Mudryk challenging angry Chelsea fan to £10,000 1v1 football game

Introduction to the article: Mykhailo Mudryk, a Ukrainian winger for Chelsea, offered to play a 1vs1 game against an angry fan for £10,000. A leaked Instagram direct message revealed the exchange between Mudryk and the disgruntled fan, who criticized the player’s performance and challenged him to improve. Mudryk responded with a bet and an invitation to a game, sparking an unusual interaction between the player and the supporter.

Mudryk’s Offer and the Fan’s Response

The leaked direct message from the angry Chelsea fan expressed frustration with Mudryk’s performance and called for improvement from the player. In an unexpected turn, Mudryk responded by offering to play a 1vs1 game against the fan for a wager of £10,000.

The Exchange Continues

Despite Mudryk’s offer, the fan continued to express disappointment and frustration with the player’s performance. The fan even offered to personally give Mudryk money every time he scored, emphasizing the desire to see improvement and success from the Chelsea winger.


The exchange between Mykhailo Mudryk and the angry Chelsea fan on Instagram highlights the intense passion and emotions that fans feel towards their favorite teams and players. This unusual interaction sheds light on the pressure and expectations that professional athletes face, as well as the unique ways in which fans express their frustrations and hopes for their teams.

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