Sky Sports Commentator Alan Smith Doesn’t Flinch as He Gets Soaked on Live TV at Man Utd Clash

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses Alan Smith’s professionalism as he was soaked by on-pitch sprinklers ahead of Manchester United’s clash with West Ham.

Alan Smith’s Professionalism

Alan Smith, a former Arsenal forward and current Sky Sports pundit, demonstrated extraordinary professionalism when he was soaked by on-pitch sprinklers at Old Trafford. Despite the unexpected drenching, Smith remained composed and continued to deliver his analysis without displaying any signs of discomfort.

Colleague’s Recognition

Smith’s colleague, Ben Ransom, openly praised his professionalism, acknowledging his ability to stay focused and undeterred by the situation. Ransom took to social media to highlight Smith’s remarkable composure and professionalism in the face of the unexpected incident.

Smith’s Continued Role

Following the incident, Smith went on to fulfill his co-commentary duties for Manchester United’s game against West Ham, which ended in a resounding 3-0 victory for the Red Devils. Despite the unanticipated obstacle, Smith remained dedicated to his role, providing analysis and commentary throughout the match.

Alan Smith’s Football Career

The article also provides insight into Alan Smith’s football career, detailing his significant contributions as a player for Leicester City and Arsenal. His impressive goal-scoring abilities and achievements during his time at Arsenal are highlighted, along with his role as a recognizable voice in football through his co-commentary work.

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