Three Changes Omar Berrada Must Make to Bring Man Utd Back to the Top, According to Legendary CEO David Gill

Introduction to the article:
In this article, former Manchester United CEO David Gill shares three changes that new chief executive Omar Berrada must make to bring the club back to its former glory. Gill, who oversaw a successful period in United’s history, believes that Berrada has a huge task ahead of him and has offered his advice on the areas that need to be addressed.

The Task at Hand

Gill acknowledges that Omar Berrada faces a challenging situation at Manchester United, with the club’s last Premier League title win dating back to 2013. He also highlights the pressure on manager Erik ten Hag and the financial constraints that the club is currently facing.

Advice from David Gill

Former CEO David Gill offers three specific pieces of advice to Omar Berrada. These include the importance of appointing someone from outside the club, forging links with the recruitment and negotiation departments, and focusing on securing lucrative sponsorship deals to align with team performance on the pitch.

The Three-Pronged Approach

Gill reiterates the importance of having an outsider bring new perspectives to the club and emphasizes the need for a strong connection with the recruitment and negotiation departments. He also stresses the significance of aligning sponsorship deals with team performance for overall success.

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