Messi Speaks Out on Controversial Inter Miami Absence Amid Claims of Contracted Appearance by Hong Kong Official

The article discusses Lionel Messi’s disappointment at missing another prestige friendly for Inter Miami due to a hamstring injury. This caused anger among fans and the Hong Kong Government, who demanded refunds and threatened to withhold funding from the event organizers. This is the second time Messi has missed an important match for Inter Miami, creating frustration among fans and authorities. The row over Messi’s absence continues as he focuses on training for upcoming matches.

Messi’s Disappointment

Messi expressed his regret at missing the Hong Kong match due to his injury, stating that he always wanted to participate and felt it was a shame to let down the fans who were eager to see him play.

Angry Fans and Threatened Funding

Supporters in Hong Kong demanded refunds after Messi was left on the bench, while the Government threatened to withhold funding from the event organizers after learning about Messi’s absence only 10 minutes before the game ended.

The Lack of Explanation Over Messi’s Absence

The Hong Kong authorities emphasized the importance of Messi’s participation and expressed their disappointment at not receiving any explanation for his absence, causing further frustration and uncertainty regarding the sponsorship.

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