TST announces $1M prize for eight-team women’s event in 2024

The Soccer Tournament, a high-stakes 7-on-7 event that captivated fans last summer, is set to return with an exciting addition. This year, the tournament will feature an eight-team women’s bracket, complete with a million-dollar prize. The decision comes after the success of former USWNT star Heather O’Reilly’s team in last year’s tournament. With the women’s tournament running alongside the men’s, the stakes are higher than ever. Read on to learn more about this groundbreaking event and the star-studded lineup it promises to deliver.

The Soccer Tournament, known as the 7-on-7, $1 million, winner-take-all event, is set to return this year and will include an eight-team women’s field with a million-dollar prize. The addition of a women’s bracket with equal prize money has drawn significant interest, with former United States women’s national team star Heather O’Reilly bringing an all-women team to compete in the tournament. The women’s championship game will take place June 5-10 in Cary, North Carolina, with a television partner still to be determined. The tournament has already attracted clubs from all over the world and is expected to see a rise in the level of play, with a festival-like atmosphere and significant fan attendance. Last year, Newtown Pride FC, primarily made up of professional indoor players, won the tournament and donated a portion of their prize money to the Newtown Community Center. With the addition of a women’s bracket, the competition is sure to be even more intense and draw interest from active professional players.

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