Real Madrid’s Transfer Plans on Schedule as Defender Increases his Value Ahead of Summer Departure

The future of the left-back position at Real Madrid is a hot topic of discussion, with Alphonso Davies being the top choice for the long-term role. Talks with Bayern Munich are expected next summer, and if a deal is not reached, Davies could make the move to Los Blancos. This potential transfer would leave Ferland Mendy on the sidelines, as the club intends to sell him to make way for Davies. Despite this, Mendy’s strong performances have increased his value and could lead to a profitable transfer for Real Madrid. This article delves into the club’s future plans for the left-back position and the potential impact of Davies’ arrival.

Real Madrid Eyes Alphonso Davies as Long-Term Left-Back Solution

Real Madrid is setting their sights on Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies as the future of their left-back position. Talks with Bayern Munich are expected next summer, and if Davies does not sign a contract extension, he could be making a move to Los Blancos. If the transfer occurs, Davies would be the undisputed starter, with Fran Garcia, Eduardo Camavinga, and David Alaba as backups. This would likely leave Ferland Mendy on the sidelines, in line with the club’s long-term plan.

Real Madrid’s bosses are impressed with Mendy’s recent performances, but they still intend to sell him next summer to make way for Davies. Despite the high price tag of €48m when he was signed from Lyon in 2019, Mendy’s increased value means the club could still turn a profit on the sale. With both Davies and Mendy’s contracts expiring in 2025, the club is preparing for a significant shake-up in their defensive lineup.

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