Thierry Henry urges significant football rule changes following Arsenal’s controversial VAR incident against West Ham

Thierry Henry calls for more cameras to be introduced to football

Thierry Henry has spoken out after a controversial goal by West Ham against Arsenal, calling for the introduction of more cameras to help improve officiating in football. The former Arsenal and France forward believes that a lack of cameras prevents officials from making accurate decisions and has proposed adding a bird’s eye view camera to help determine whether the ball has gone out of play. This would provide a better perspective for VAR to review contentious decisions and ensure fair play in the sport.

West Ham’s controversial goal

The goal scored by Tomas Soucek for West Ham against Arsenal has sparked a debate over the need for more cameras in football. The controversy arose when the match referee Michael Oliver judged that the ball had been kept in play by Jarrod Bowen, allowing Soucek to score. However, the decision was controversial as the ball appeared to have gone out of play when viewed from the main camera angle. The incident was reviewed by VAR but due to the lack of a definitive angle, the on-pitch decision had to stand, leaving Arsenal and their fans frustrated.

Thierry Henry’s call for change

Thierry Henry has called for additional cameras to be introduced in football to prevent similar controversial incidents in the future. The Arsenal legend believes that a bird’s eye view camera would have allowed VAR to accurately determine whether the ball had left the pitch. Henry emphasized that with modern technology, it should be possible to ensure that such incidents are reviewed accurately and fairly to avoid impacting the outcome of matches.

Past incidents

The controversial goal scored against Arsenal is not the first time a contentious decision has been made due to a lack of camera angles. Earlier in the season, Arsenal conceded a similar goal against Newcastle after Joe Willock managed to keep the ball in by the slimmest of margins. This has led to frustration from both players and managers, and Arsenal even wrote an open letter addressing the standard of officiating in the sport. Such incidents have highlighted the need for the introduction of additional cameras to ensure unbiased decisions in football matches.

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