Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid manager, expresses excitement over potential Brazil coaching role

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Carlo Ancelotti, the manager of Real Madrid, has confirmed that he had discussions with the Brazilian Football Federation about potentially taking over as the manager of the Selecao. However, he also stated that Real Madrid was always his priority. In a recent press conference, he expressed his gratitude for the club’s support and reiterated his commitment to the team.

Ancelotti’s Gratitude and Commitment to Real Madrid

In his press conference, Ancelotti expressed his happiness at signing a new contract with Real Madrid until 2026, stating that he was not in a hurry to do so, but it was clear that the club wanted to continue with his work. He emphasized that the most important measure of success is winning games, and that will be the team’s focus moving forward.

Discussions with the Brazilian Football Federation

Ancelotti acknowledged that the former president of the CBF, Ednaldo Rodrigues, had expressed interest in having him manage the Brazilian national team. However, he made it clear that his priority was to remain with Real Madrid, and that the decision ultimately depended on his situation at the club. He expressed gratitude for the interest shown by Brazil, but ultimately ended up staying with Real Madrid.

Uncertainty About Managing an International Team

While Ancelotti did not rule out the possibility of managing an international side in the future, he also expressed uncertainty about whether Brazil would still be interested in him in 2026. Despite being courted by Brazil for months, the chaos within the CBF, and Real Madrid’s strong start to the season, seemed to make the decision to remain with the club the logical choice for Ancelotti.

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