Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona manager, says he is willing to drop Robert Lewandowski for Vitor Roque

Introduction to the article:
The Barcelona manager, Xavi Hernandez, has made it clear that no player, including star striker Robert Lewandowski, is immune from being dropped to the bench. This decision comes after Lewandowski has faced criticism for his performance this season, with concerns about his build-up play and goal-scoring form.

Xavi’s Approach to Team Selection

Xavi’s decision to potentially drop Lewandowski reflects his approach to team selection. He emphasized that he cannot treat one footballer differently than another, as doing so could negatively impact the group dynamic. Xavi’s focus is on playing those whom he believes can contribute to the team’s success, regardless of their status.

Half-Time Adjustments

During their recent match against Almeria, Xavi made substitutions at half-time, pulling out Joao Felix and Andreas Christensen. This action serves as a warning to both players that their performances need to improve, and it reinforces Xavi’s commitment to holding all players accountable.

Vitor Roque’s Role

Xavi also highlighted the versatility of new signing Vitor Roque and his potential to play alongside Lewandowski. Despite speculation about tension regarding a half-time outburst, Xavi downplayed the incident and emphasized the importance of group dynamics.

Pressure on Xavi to Make Tough Decisions

The article also addresses calls to drop Joao Felix, which would require Xavi to go against the wishes of Barcelona President Joan Laporta, who has been a vocal supporter of Felix. These circumstances underscore the pressure on Xavi to make difficult decisions that may disrupt established relationships within the club.

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