Premier League Stadium At Risk as River Poses Threat to Pitch Following Storm Henk

Football fans are concerned that the pitch at Nottingham Forest’s City Ground could be flooded due to the rising levels of the River Trent. Storm Henk and a cold weather alert have caused chaos across the country, with the river overflowing and getting closer to the stadium. This article discusses the potential impact on the upcoming FA Cup tie between Nottingham Forest and Blackpool and captures the reactions of football fans online.

Storm Henk and the River Trent

The River Trent, which runs near the City Ground, has overflowed due to Storm Henk, bringing it within meters of the stadium. This poses a potential threat to the upcoming football match scheduled to take place at the venue.

Fan Reactions

Footage of the rising water levels next to the City Ground has sparked panic among football supporters online. Many fans expressed concern about the suitability of the pitch for the upcoming game, with some suggesting that postponement may be necessary for health and safety reasons.

Nottingham Forest’s Response

Despite the concerns raised by fans, Nottingham Forest shared a video of their players training at the stadium, seemingly indicating that they are preparing for the FA Cup action as scheduled. This adds an element of uncertainty to the situation, as the potential impact on the match remains unclear.

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