Live FA Cup Draw: Tottenham to host Manchester City, Chelsea to take on Aston Villa, and Manchester United potentially facing a challenging lower league opponent

Introduction to this article:

The article discusses the current betting odds for the FA Cup winner, with defending champions Manchester City being the favorites to win the tournament this season. The odds, provided by Grosvenor Sport, show the likelihood of each team to emerge as the victor in the competition.

Manchester City

Manchester City, as the defending champions, are currently leading the odds with 11/4, indicating that they are the most likely team to win the FA Cup this season. This reflects their strong performance in previous tournaments and their status as a top contender in the competition.

Liverpool and Chelsea

Behind Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea are listed with odds of 5/1 and 8/1, respectively. This positions them as strong contenders for the title, with a notable gap between their odds and those of Manchester City, indicating that they are slightly less favored to win.

Other Contenders

Several other teams are also listed with varying odds, ranging from 10/1 to 1000/1. This includes traditional football powerhouses like Manchester United and teams with longer odds such as Wrexham and Bristol City. These odds provide a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of contenders in the FA Cup.

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