Kylian Mbappe set to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, rejecting Real Madrid offer

Introduction to This Article

Kylian Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain is set to expire, leaving many to speculate about his potential move to Real Madrid. His decision will be closely watched in the coming months.

Potential Decision Between PSG and Real Madrid

At this stage, it appears that Mbappe’s decision will be between PSG and Real Madrid, as it was in 2022. He has been backed to make the same decision this time around by Luis Fernandez, who is a former player and manager of PSG.

Belief That Mbappe Will Stay at PSG

Fernandez told beIN SPORTS that his own belief is that Mbappe won’t be going anywhere in the summer. He cited various reasons and signs that point to Mbappe staying at PSG for the next season.

Potential Ramifications of Staying at PSG

If it does turn out that Mbappe remains at PSG this summer, it’s very likely that his chances of joining Real Madrid at any stage of his career will be over, given that club bosses, and especially Florentino Perez, would surely lose all trust in the French forward.

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