Sevilla announces departure of emotional club icon – ‘I’m still trying to make sense of why I have to go’

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the departure of Ivan Rakitic from Sevilla as he prepares to sign with Al-Shabab in Saudi Arabia. After losing his place in the Sevilla line-up, Rakitic has expressed his reasons for leaving and his deep connection to the club.

Rakitic’s Iconic Departure from Sevilla

Sevilla FC has confirmed the departure of Ivan Rakitic, who gave a tearful farewell press conference. The 35-year-old Croatian has left a lasting impact on the club and its fans.

Gratitude and Goodbyes

During his farewell press conference, Rakitic expressed his deep gratitude for the club and the city of Seville. He referred to Sevilla as his home and expressed his desire to return in some capacity in the future.

Conflicting Decisions and Moving On

Rakitic revealed that he had intended to retire at Sevilla but had to make the decision to move on due to conflicting decisions with the coach. He emphasized the importance of prioritizing the team’s needs over individual desires.

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