Barcelona President Joan Laporta Tells Journalists That Managerial Candidate Is ‘Prepared’ to Replace Xavi Hernandez

Introduction to the article:
The search for Barcelona’s next manager continues, but as options are considered, there is no clear replacement for Xavi Hernandez. One of the potential candidates, Barca Atletic coach Rafael Marquez, seemed to be a possibility at one point, but now it appears that he may no longer be in contention for the role.

Marquez’s Initial Consideration

Marquez had been seen as a potential interim manager until the end of the season, with the opportunity to take on the position permanently. However, his willingness to accept the role and his lack of experience in management may have impacted the club’s perception of him as a viable candidate.

Shift in Perception

Despite President Joan Laporta previously indicating that Marquez was ready to take over from Xavi if needed, it seems that the club’s view of him has since changed. His lack of managerial experience and struggles with handling the media may have contributed to this shift in perception.

Marquez’s Management of Barca Atletic

While Marquez has Barca Atletic performing relatively well in their group, his inexperience in management and handling of the media may be cause for concern when considering him for the role of Barcelona’s next manager. Despite his efforts with the team, it appears that Marquez may be losing ground as a viable option.

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