Dani Alves removes family from courtroom during trial for alleged rape accusation

Introduction to the article:
The article discusses the ongoing trial of former footballer Dani Alves, who is facing an alleged rape charge stemming from an incident that occurred in a Barcelona nightclub in December 2022. The trial has featured testimonies from the victim, her friends, and nightclub employees, as well as Alves’ mother, who was eventually removed from the proceedings at his request.

Allegations and Testimonies

The court heard testimony from the victim, as well as her friends who were with her on the night of the incident, and employees of the nightclub. One of the friends claimed that Alves threw the victim to the floor of the bathroom and made derogatory comments.

Family Presence at the Trial

Alves’ mother was present at the trial and attempted to make contact with her son, but was eventually removed at his request. Alves asked the court to ensure that none of his family members be present for the remainder of the proceedings.

Legal Defense

Alves’ lawyers filed petitions to have the case thrown out, citing media reporting and the lack of a blood test to establish the amount of alcohol in his system as factors that could have obscured his right to a fair trial. However, both of these petitions were dismissed by the judge. If found guilty, Alves faces a significant jail sentence and financial damages for the victim.

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