Former Chelsea players still playing in England could form an incredible XI worth £336m and potentially win the Premier League, with the return of Timo Werner.

Introduction to this article:
The article discusses an incredible starting XI of ex-Chelsea players who are now excelling with other Premier League clubs. It highlights the success and impact of these former Chelsea stars in their new teams, showcasing their continued excellence in English football.

Asmir Begovic’s Impact at QPR

Asmir Begovic, who was part of Chelsea’s last title-winning squad, is now excelling at QPR, demonstrating his exceptional goalkeeping abilities and earning a Premier League title during his stint with the Blues.

Tino Livramento’s Rise at Newcastle

Tino Livramento, once a top prospect in Chelsea’s academy, is now thriving at Newcastle, showcasing his talent and determination after making a bold decision to leave Chelsea and pursue opportunities elsewhere.

Kurt Zouma’s Success at West Ham

Kurt Zouma, who enjoyed success with Chelsea, has continued to shine at West Ham, demonstrating his skills and contribution to the team’s triumphs, including the Europa Conference League win.

Nathan Ake’s Impact at Man City

Despite a limited opportunity at Chelsea, Nathan Ake has made a significant impact at Man City, playing a pivotal role in their historic Treble win and proving his worth at the top level of English football.

Emerson Palmieri’s Key Role at West Ham

Emerson Palmieri, who was an underrated member of Chelsea’s Europa League-winning side, has become a crucial player at West Ham, contributing to their success in the Europa Conference League and providing valuable support to the team.

Kevin De Bruyne’s Remarkable Career at Man City

Kevin De Bruyne, once part of Chelsea, has become a dominant force at Man City, achieving numerous titles and proving to be one of the most formidable midfielders in the Premier League.

Mateo Kovacic’s Contribution at Man City

Mateo Kovacic has established himself at Man City, showcasing his talent and control in midfield while continuing to play a significant role in European competitions.

Mason Mount’s Transition to Man Utd

Mason Mount’s move to Man Utd has been marked by injury setbacks, but his accomplishments at Chelsea, including winning the Champions League, highlight his potential and impact at the highest levels of the sport.

Mo Salah’s Remarkable Success at Liverpool

Mo Salah’s prolific goal-scoring at Liverpool underscores his incredible success and undeniable impact, making him a pivotal player for the club and a notable departure for Chelsea.

Kai Havertz’s Flourishing Game at Arsenal

Kai Havertz’s impressive performance at Arsenal showcases his talent and potential to excel in midfield, bringing his skills to a new team and proving to be a valuable asset.

Timo Werner’s Return to England with Tottenham

Timo Werner’s opportunity to prove himself at Tottenham after underwhelming performances elsewhere creates an exciting narrative, highlighting the potential for redemption and success in a new environment.

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